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IVR and On-Hold Messages

Powered by decades of industry experience and resources.

Meeting and exceeding all voice over production needs. 


Your business phone or on-hold system is often the first point of contact with your customers. Make it count.


The voiceover approach to on-hold system is both an art, and a craft. 


The voiceover artiste needs to possess sensitivity to the messages' content, empathize with on-hold situations, and have the repertoire and versatility to posture her voice to engage, assuage, encourage or sell. 


Whether the aim is to direct, to instruct, to drive sales, to inspire, or to set a tone that gels with your business branding, my voiceover simply delivers. 

English IVR, on-hold, PABX voiceovers

Mandarin IVR, on-hold, PABX voiceovers

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