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I’m Evon Loh and clients call me the Swiss Army Knife of Voice-Overs.  

Born in the 1980s and trained as a lawyer, I bade an early and hearty farewell to the legal profession to pursue the life I want, and I have not looked back since.

Passionate and persuasive in my craft, I am grateful to have had the chance to help thousands of my clients achieve their aims and marketing intent with my voice, and to have done so for 20 years and counting. (yes I started young!)


As one of the rare few, if not Singapore's only female voice artist who is perfectly and equally fluent in both English and Mandarin, I've been able to serve my clients effectively and consistently in their marketing campaigns across both languages’ demographics in Asia Pacific and globally. 

Within Singapore, some of the places where you can hear me (apart from TV, radio and online), include the SMRT/ tube system, Fairprice supermarket radio, Spotify Singapore, school curriculum, IVR across all local telcos, Sentosa Express, heritage museums and attractions like the Singapore Flyer, Zoo & Birdpark, Universal Studios Singapore et al. I have also lent my voice to countless corporate and training presentations for local government agencies, banks and telcos.

I love my client portfolio in Singapore, but I also serve international clients with a quick 24h turn around; memorable ones include EU nations in their recent World Expo presentations, announcements for Google events, T-Mall presentations, Goldman Sachs events, Equinix as well as casinos in South Africa and Curacao, just to name a few.

When I’m not in the recording booth giving life to retail ads, marketing clips, corporate presentations, program trailers, documentaries, animation, e-learning materials, IVR, on-site voice-overs et al, I co-run an accommodation business with portfolio in Singapore and London.

I enjoy living the quiet life in a noisy world, revelling in music, languages, travel, and the occasional radio presenting on Singapore’s premier news station 938Live, and previously on Singapore’s number 1 music station Class95.

I love cats and wombats. And I have a soft spot for Pusheen & Hello Kitty.

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